Chemo Daggers


Shawn was slicing and dicing today during round two of chemotherapy. Kicking some cancer butt, one Blue Steel face at a time.



4 responses to “Chemo Daggers”

  1. Hey Shawn

    Your faith and belief in God and his purpose for you is an inspiration. You most definitely will be in my prayers.

  2. Stay strong bro! Just heard your story on the SI Soccer podcast and wanted to wish you well.

  3. Bill Stephany Avatar
    Bill Stephany

    Every hair lost represents cancer cells killed

  4. hey shawn.

    stay strong and keep faith,

    its a shock to us that you got this.

    we have faith and we will pray everyday till you beat it and back healthy again.

    godbless and get well.

    Fam Wijss,

    The Netherlands.

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