Kuykenstrong and D.C. United visited the children at the Georgetown University pediatric oncology unit at the Lombardi Center this week.

United players Jared Jeffrey and Conor Doyle were on hand to play Playstation, color, and sign autographs with the kids.

“This was Kuykenstrong’s first official event at the Lombardi Center and I’m thrilled to have D.C. United be a part of it,” chairman Mike Foss said. “The kids loved to play with Jared and Conor, and we couldn’t have asked for a better start to our outreach.”

Art plays a major role in Lombardi Center’s treatment of its patients. Children at Georgetown are encouraged to use their creativity during their treatment as a means of expression and therapy.

“The mission of the pediatric oncology department goes beyond medicine,” Foss said. “They are treating the whole person – whole families – every time a patient walks through the door. Are hope is for Kuykenstrong to continue hosting events that reflect the spirit of the Lombardi Center.”

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(All photos are courtesy of Allison Kuykendall)

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