PLAYER EQUIPMENT Shoes must meet FIFA specifications and shin guards must be worn during play. In the event of a uniform color conflict, the home team shall change. First team listed shall be considered the home team. No jewelry may be worn by any player during a match (earrings, watches, necklaces)

DURATION OF MATCHES The duration of halves is as follows: 25 minutes for minutes for U10/U9. The interval between halves shall be five (5) minutes. The referee is the official timekeeper of the match. No overtime for matches ending in ties. The ties will stand.


BALL SIZE: All teams – Size 4

TEAM/SPECTATOR FIELD POSITIONS Coaches and players shall stand on opposite sides of the field from parents and spectators. No coaching shall be permitted within 18 yards of the goal line, from behind the goal line or from the parent/spectator sideline. Parents and spectators from both teams shall stand on the same side of the field. The behavior of the parents and fans remains the responsibility of the coach. The referee and the Field Marshall are authorized to remove any spectator whose behavior, in their opinion, interferes with the play of the game. All spectators will remain behind spectator lines, as designated.

WARNINGS & EJECTIONS If a player is ejected from a match (red card by the referee) that player must sit out the remainder of that match plus his/her team’s next tournament match. Two yellow cards constitute a red card and ejection, however offending player can be substituted also. Coaches that receive a red card or two yellow cards in the same match are subject to the same penalties outlined above for players. Any coach ejected from a match will not be allowed in the general vicinity of the field (as defined by the referee) for the remainder of that match and the team’s next match. No team or club official may enter the field of play, regardless of the circumstances, unless that person has been given permission by the referee. Red cards issued after the end of regulation play or as a result of physical assault are subject to review by the Tournament Rules Committee and a more strenuous penalty, that is not subject to appeal, may be issued. Should the infraction be sufficiently serious law enforcement authorities may be summoned. All infractions shall be reported to the host association (VYSA) for relay to the team’s state association following the tournament. In accordance with USSF Policy 531-9, red cards for assault, abuse, or like offenses shall be reported immediately.

PROTESTS Don’t, please.

FORFEITS Don’t, please.

SUBSTITUTIONS Either team shall have unlimited substitutions subject to the following conditions and upon approval of the referee: Prior to throw-in by the team in possession. Prior to a goal kick by either team. After a goal. Throw-in by the team in possession. Halftime or the beginning of an overtime period. After a yellow card for the carded player. Any time approval is granted by the referee (as in the case of injury for the injured player only). Note: When this occurs, the opponent may substitute a like number. For a player that has been cautioned. Note: The opponent may substitute a like number.

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