The USMNT is Kuykenstrong

The U.S. Men’s National team rolled to a 1-0 victory over Panama in the Gold Cup final Sunday before a raucous crowd at Soldier Field in Chicago.

The U.S. backline was anchored by Clarence Goodson, earning a shutout for the stars and stripes. Before Goodson was an international centerback or a standout at Maryland, he was a floppy-haired striker with the Braddock Road Warhawks.

It was with the Warhawks that Goodson and Shawn won the U-17 national championship in 1999. That connection has never left, as Goodson reminded everyone Sunday.

You can see Goodson repping Kuykenstrong in the post-game celebration below (hint: look for the white shirt).


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Letters from Shawn

Keeping Shawn on the Pitch

RVA Football Club advanced to the National Premier Soccer League championship with a 4-0 win over the Erie Admirals Saturday night.

RVA F.C. defender Patrick Foss made sure Shawn was on the pitch with the club. Check out his right wrist.

(Photo: Kristin Foss/

(Photo: Kristin Foss/

RVA F.C. takes on Sonoma County Sol in the NPSL Final Saturday, August 3, at 7:30 P.M. at Sports Backers Stadium in Richmond, Va.


(Photo: Kristin Foss/

Letters from Shawn

Thank you for visiting!

Welcome to Team Kuykenstrong!

This site was founded to support our friend Shawn Kuykendall during his battle with cancer.

Shawn has touched the lives of many, and whether you know him as a Major League Soccer player, as a coach at American University, or your first Kuykenstrong experience came through the YouTube sensation “Step Into Christmas“, we’re glad you’re here.

There is no doubt that the next few months will be a trying time for Shawn, and the entire Kuykendall family. But now is not the time for worry or despair. If Shawn has set an example for anything, it’s that the hardest trials of our lives should be met with a smile and a prayer.

You can support Shawn’s fight by simply keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. If you’d like, you can purchase a Kuykenstrong T-shirt. All of the profit from your purchase will go to cover Shawn’s medical expenses.

Thank you for visiting and stay Kuykenstrong!


Letters from Shawn

A message from Shawn

A lot has happened in the last couple of months. I know a lot of people have been asking and information has come out sporadically here and there. First and foremost, I appreciate so much the support from everyone. It has been difficult for sure, but I am trusting God’s sovereign plan and purpose.

Earlier this spring, in mid April, I started to feel fatigued throughout the day, a building headache, and periodic low grade fevers. I went to the Dr. and some blood work came back positive for Lyme disease. I took antibiotics for 3 weeks but didn’t feel better after the cycle (in fact I felt worse). I then took another 10 day cycle to see if it helped and it did not. On June 19, I starting to get sharp pains in my lower back, stomach, and chest. I went to the ER where they preformed some tests and found a 6 by 7 cm mass in my chest.

They preformed a biopsy and confirmed that it indeed is cancer. The initial diagnosis is Thymic cancer, for which there is no cure. It had spread all over my body and onto my bones (chest, ribs, and spine). On July 1, I was readmitted into the hospital so that I could have my mediport (port in which the chemo is administered) and chemo given on July 2nd. It was a super strong dose. Chemo does two things, it attacks the cancerous cells as well as attacks your body’s good cells. So the first few days are rough and was full of vomiting, soreness, headaches, indigestion, and constipation. It is not fun for sure. But after 7 days the body turns a corner and I have responded well. I haven’t been taking pain me, and have been virtually pain free for the most of these 9 days. This is very positive that my body is reacting well.

Because of the aggressiveness of the cancer, there was a fear that the cancer had spread into my bones but thankfully the bone marrow scan was clear. This is encouraging news for sure. As of now the initial diagnosis is that it is Thymic. There is a small ray of hope that it is not Thymic as an expert I am seeing at Georgetown has seen some irregularities that are not consistent with Thymic (on the PET Scan) and has some questions.

I am officially working with Doctors at the Lombardi Center at Georgetown Hospital. I am blessed to be there as they are very good at what they do. They will help put together a great treatment plan.

My next chemo is scheduled for July 25th. I wish it was sooner as I can’t wait to get back in there and beat this!

However, my biggest ray of hope is that God has a purpose for me. And that has always been to bring glory to Christ. I believe in his ability to miraculously heal my body, but beating cancer has very little to do with beating it in an earthly sense. Cancer won’t beat me because it can’t take away my hope and joy in the the salvation that Christ provides me. Is it scary?… oh yes… Is it hard?… the hardest thing I’ve ever faced… But is my sovereign God not in control? He most certainly is in control. I will hold onto that each day and fight my best to heal my body and fight each day to trust God.

The most important thing I can ask for from anyone is PRAYER. The bible asks us to bring things to him. So let’s glorify Him and bring this to his table.
Thanks for asking about me and being there for me. It means more than I am able to describe. I love you all and will hope to connect with you all soon.

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Shawn Kuykendall

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Letters from Shawn