Shawn is starting a new round of chemo

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.
Tomorrow I am back in for another round of Chemo to see if we can get ourselves back on track towards surgery.  As of now surgery is delayed as we have to contain the spread and pain in the lower back before we go in and cut out the mass in my chest.
Chemo at 11 am at Georgetown University Hospital in the infusion center.  We are changing one of the medicines up.  Need specific prayer that this change will indeed help and continue the progress and work the first 4 rounds did.  Pray for God’s specific healing of my body to remove the cancer from me.
As I ask for prayer… I am reminded that my body is not my own.  I am a vessel blessed to be given a chance to be here by God.  He may do what he wishes with my body… for it is not my own…. I’m meant for more… we are meant for more than what’s on this earth… remember that.  Be thankful for each day.
Letters from Shawn

Post Chemo 6 Update: God is Good

Got some really encouraging news this round. The mass has shrunk by over 50%.  It was originally 7.9 cm at its widest point when we first discovered it.  As of September 24 the mass had shrunk to 4.3 cm.  It is now even smaller.  Praise God that the chemo has been working to kill the cancer.  The plan now is to get CT and PET scans in 4 weeks.  The scans will give us a picture of what the spread looks like (which is key in this).  Definitely need prayer that the spread is not growing but in fact shrinking and or dying off from the chemo.  Depending upon what the scans show we will start talking to the surgeon and potentially go in to take it out in the first or second week of December.
I can’t tell you all how important your prayers have been.  There is no doubt that I have felt God’s presence through this.  His healing for sure has been upon me.   so… Thank You!
We are not out of the woods yet but we are progressing.  So we will take today’s blessings one day at a time and be grateful.
Letters from Shawn

Update from Shawn

I want to take a moment to praise God for his blessing on me in this process.  We got some positive news last week from the scan.  The mass in my chest is continuing to shrink. This is great because it means that I’m responding to the chemotherapy.  We will have 1 more round of chemo to finish up.  We will then complete comprehensive scans to again check the progress and spread.  If things go as planned we will begin to talk to the surgeon about removing the mass from my chest.  That would a huge step in ridding my body of cancer.   There still is a long road to go but it is encouraging to be making these positive steps.  God is great and has been providing grace for each day.  People’s support has been amazing.  Everyone’s prayers are felt… and sometimes people have been reaching out at just the appropriate moment (even when they don’t know it).
Thanks for the prayers… and know that God has a plan for all of us…. His burden is light. 🙂
Letters from Shawn

Shawn takes on Round 5 of Chemo

Chemo… Round 5. I’ve been in good spirits throughout the process (from all the support and God’s grace). Each of the last rounds I wasn’t overjoyed but had an athletes mentality like… “Let’s Go… Have to do it… No excuses.” And while I have certainly been gaining strength and feeling better after each round, I must admit I’m pretty drained through the process. This is the first time I’m really dreading going in for treatment and the subsequent awful days to follow. Oh please pray for me today to have strength and courage to push through. Please pray for my nausea, stomach, and headaches. It’s not easy to fight and I certainly can put on a brave front. Today, I want to say how difficult it is and I need God more than ever.

Grace to you all.


Letters from Shawn

Thank you

I want to thank everyone who came out to the Juggle-A-thon.  It truly was one of the most humbling nights of my life.  What a blessing to see so many familiar faces as well as new ones coming to support (someone they don’t know).  I feel like there aren’t words to describe my gratitude.  This certainly is a trying time in my life, but everyone’s support makes the burden lighter.  The relationships… the people…  It is just amazing to see.  I am truly blessed.  🙂

Rest assured I will keep fighting while trusting for God’s healing.  What a huge boost and encouragement last night was!  Keep working through this journey of life.  Live with grace towards others and always be thankful.
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Letters from Shawn