Shawn talks about round 2

I had my second round of chemotherapy on July 25th.  For those who aren’t as familiar with this process, chemotherapy is strong medicine that attacks cancerous cells.  And not only does it attack the cancer, it also attacks the body’s good cells.  In short, it kicks your butt.  The first few days are filled with nausea, pounding headaches, and overall lethargy.  Energy is low and discomfort is high.  After 7 days, the body starts to rebound (hopefully) and build back some of those good cells in the body.  This round I certainly felt the effects of nausea (although I held it all in this time!) and pounding headaches, but I’m happy to say that I’m feeling quite well these days.  God’s been providing enough grace for each day.  My ability to sleep through the night has greatly improved as well which is a real blessing.  

Currently, my Doctor at Georgetown University Hospital, has called for 6 cycles of chemo (a cycle is every three weeks). Along the way we will monitor the progress of the treatments.  
The support that everyone has shown is amazing.  It is truly humbling and gives me a boost each day to know so many people are praying.  God has a plan and in many ways I already see it moving.  He’s writing an incredible story and I’m finding peace along the way.   
Remember… Job 36:26 – “How Great is God – beyond our understanding…”  We don’t have to know what’s happening to know what’s happening. 🙂
Grace to you,

3 responses to “Shawn talks about round 2”

  1. Natalie Geleschn Avatar
    Natalie Geleschn

    you are the best, thank you for your grace

  2. You are amazing Shawn! Prayers and hugs from our family!!!!

  3. You are amazing Shawn, prayers and hugs from our family!!!

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