Juggle-A-Thon to support Shawn in McLean

Two of Shawn’s former players are organizing a great opportunity to support him and get your touch on point!



When we heard about Coach Shawn having cancer, we were extremely sad. It was a sad moment in many people’s lives, not just ours because Coach Shawn is a great person. We wanted to be as helpful as possible so he could feel better so we brainstormed many ways that we could raise money for Coach Shawn and help him pay for his cancer treatment. Anyone who knows Coach Shawn knows he is caring, funny, encouraging and always puts smiles on our faces. Coach Shawn is tough and positive and makes everyone a better soccer player. Since Coach Shawn always tells us to keep juggling and comes up with ways to make it more fun, we thought getting kids together for a juggle-a-thon dedicated to Coach Shawn was an excellent way to raise money for his cancer treatment. We want Coach Shawn to see how many people are thinking about him. Pray for Coach Shawn, come to the juggle-a-thon and help him beat his challenge!!!!!!

Akshay (12) and Akash (10)

Come join us whether you are a child who loves soccer, a Division 1 college athlete, a former teammate, fellow coach or a supporter of Coach Shawn and be part of this juggle-a-thon.

Thursday, August 29th

7:00 p.m.

Spring Hill Recreation Center — Field #5

1239 Spring Hill Road
McLean, Virginia

Have friends/family sponsor you for every minute or every juggle.  Bring your sponsorship money to the juggle-a-thon in one check made out to the Ulman Cancer Fund.  Funds deposited will go towards assisting Coach Shawn and his family with his medical expenses/treatment for his thymic cancer.



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