Update from Shawn

I want to take a moment to praise God for his blessing on me in this process.  We got some positive news last week from the scan.  The mass in my chest is continuing to shrink. This is great because it means that I’m responding to the chemotherapy.  We will have 1 more round of chemo to finish up.  We will then complete comprehensive scans to again check the progress and spread.  If things go as planned we will begin to talk to the surgeon about removing the mass from my chest.  That would a huge step in ridding my body of cancer.   There still is a long road to go but it is encouraging to be making these positive steps.  God is great and has been providing grace for each day.  People’s support has been amazing.  Everyone’s prayers are felt… and sometimes people have been reaching out at just the appropriate moment (even when they don’t know it).
Thanks for the prayers… and know that God has a plan for all of us…. His burden is light. 🙂

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