Post Chemo 6 Update: God is Good

Got some really encouraging news this round. The mass has shrunk by over 50%.  It was originally 7.9 cm at its widest point when we first discovered it.  As of September 24 the mass had shrunk to 4.3 cm.  It is now even smaller.  Praise God that the chemo has been working to kill the cancer.  The plan now is to get CT and PET scans in 4 weeks.  The scans will give us a picture of what the spread looks like (which is key in this).  Definitely need prayer that the spread is not growing but in fact shrinking and or dying off from the chemo.  Depending upon what the scans show we will start talking to the surgeon and potentially go in to take it out in the first or second week of December.
I can’t tell you all how important your prayers have been.  There is no doubt that I have felt God’s presence through this.  His healing for sure has been upon me.   so… Thank You!
We are not out of the woods yet but we are progressing.  So we will take today’s blessings one day at a time and be grateful.

One response to “Post Chemo 6 Update: God is Good”

  1. Shawn,
    Thinking of you and sending you all positive energy! Excited to hear about your positive news! See you on the field very soon!
    Yuri and family.

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